August 6, 2013

Why bother?

The special Juice timetable for Professional Services starts today, and I encourage you to get involved.

But why bother?

Juice is very much values driven.

First, we consider that health and wellbeing is personal to the individual. It's therefore important that we access the information, activities and support in our own personal way. This may be simply reading the articles on the Knowledge Bank. Should you wish to attend an activity but you're not quite sure where to start, then perhaps book onto a Body Health Check or attend the Posture (Are you sitting comfortably?) seminar. It's not too much bother to read the Juice articles, nor will it take you too long to attend a session. Try to make time.  

Second, Juice isn't necessarily about making us physically and mentally fit and 'resilient' in the workplace. Nor are we explicitly aiming to reduce sickness absence levels and to increase staff productivity. What's more important is that each individual is well, healthy and happy at home and in the workplace. So, how can Juice help support this? Juice aims to provide individuals with opportunities to engage in physical, mental and social activities that enrich our working lives. The activities may enable us to display our multifarious talents and/or harness abilities that we didn't know we had. We may also be able to challenge ourselves and achieve things we thought were impossible. Recently, a member of staff from SCHARR approached me after completing a Juice activity. She told me "I never thought I could do that, but I did, and it's given me a real sense of achievement...working here is great". And this is why we have Juice.

Still not sure? Then let us know what would help you in your everyday health and wellbeing. Any ideas, big or small, please do share them with me or the team. Also, read the feedback reviews that participants have left on the Juice website - they offer a direct and honest opinion. 

So, please do get involved, have a go, have some fun and help us make this a remarkable place to work!